'Our Mayor' A Poem by Marie Turley written for Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson

 Written for Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson when he was elected the first time in 1975.  Mrs Turley was a well known local poet and civic leader.  Her husband Elbert was a former Mayor of Eufaula and convinced Johnson into running when he was at thier home doing a feature story on Elbert for the local newspaper the Indian Journal.  Johnson went on to serve 23 years winning 5 elections and never being defeated to the full time post. This was longer than any Mayor in the history of the city
'Our Mayor' A Poem by Grandma Turley Written for Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson wore many hats and started his political career while attending college at Eastern and at the University of Oklahoma. This was before running and getting elected  Mayor of the City of Eufaula at the age of 24.

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