Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson Attends Eufaula Hospital Ribbon Cutting

There were many accomplishments under Johnson’s administration. A 7,500 square foot building to house the Department of Human Services was completed in 1983. Located near the Eufaula Hospital, the new Facility is leased from the City by the State of Oklahoma. A thirty-three bed hospital was completed soon after Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson took office and was sold after eight years of City ownership at a profit of $1 million.   The proceeds were used to retire the debt for the City’s matching share of the grant for the water plant and to match a CDBG grant, which funded the purchase and renovation of a 7,500 square foot community center. A fire station was purchased in 1983 with sales tax revenue.

Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson | Eufaula Hospital Ribbon Cutting

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Joe Johnson wore many hats and started his political career while attending college at Eastern and at the University of Oklahoma. This was before running and getting elected  Mayor of the City of Eufaula at the age of 24.

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