Joe Johnson | Eufaula, Oklahoma

Joe Johnson |  Eufaula, Oklahoma

Editor – Mayor – Judge – Chief Justice – Career Manager

Joe Johnson wore many hats and started his political career while attending college at Eastern and at the University of Oklahoma. This was before running and getting elected  Mayor of the City of Eufaula at the age of 24


                     Joe Johnson Eufaula recieves the prestigious award of Student Senator of the year during his sophomore year at Eastern State College at Wilburton Oklahoma. He was also elected as the President of the Young Democrats at the University of Oklahoma his junior year where he majored in pre-law.

Joe Johnson sets behind the desk he occupied for over 23 years as the full time Mayor of Eufaula Oklahoma. He was elected as the youngest Mayor in Oklahoma history at that time. It was 1975 and he held it longer than any elected official in Eufaula's  history.

Chief Justice Joe Johnson of the Muskogee Creek Nation . Johnson was appointed by three different Chiefs and served on the Supreme Court for over 16 years. He was Chief Justice for 10 years.

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