Joe Johnson Attends The 1968 Eufaula High School 20th Reunion at Fountainhead Resort Eufaula Oklahoma

Joe Johnson- Editor – Mayor – Judge – Chief Justice – Career Manager

            Joe Johnson has worn many hats during his career. During college he was a student leader and got involved campus politics. He was also the editor of the student news paper while studying journalism. He went on to be the editor of two different weekly’s the Hartshorne Sun and the states oldest the Indian Journal. He ran and won five different terms as Eufaula’s full time Mayor. Johnson served as the Municipal Judge for six years. He was appointed to the Mvskoke Creek nation supreme court by three different chiefs and was selected by the courts other Justices to be the Chief Justice for ten years. Currently he runs a large career consulting firm as Executive Vice President in Texas.
        Years ago, Joe Johnson was covering the city council while working for the Eufaula Indian Journal. He didn’t like some of the things he saw, and being young and brash, he thought he could do a better job.
            He campaigned hard in 1975 for the fulltime city managerial position, and when the final tally was in, 24-year-old Joe Johnson had become the youngest mayor in the state and held the job continuously longer than any mayor in Eufaula’s history.
            He held the position for over 24 years. The consensus from Eufaula’s citizens, his peers in the city management positions and government professionals is that Joe Johnson has been a strong and effective leader… bringing stability, industrial growth and cultural enrichment to this community along the shore of lake Eufaula.

Eufaula Mayor Joe Johnson at the 1968 Eufaula High School 20th Reunion at Fountainhead Lodge & Resort Eufaula Oklahoma

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