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Joe Johnson- Editor – Mayor – Judge – Chief Justice – Career Manager

Mayor Johnson’s achievements go beyond the city limits of Eufaula. He served as secretary for the Eastern Oklahoma Development District for three years and then as chairman for another three years and served on the Board of Directors for several years.  Mayor Johnson was appointed by the Governor and served for six years on the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement Board. He was selected to Who’s Who in the South and Outstanding Young Men of America.
            In 1989 Mayor Johnson was appointed to the Creek Supreme Court for a six year term and was reconfirmed for another six years in June of 1993. All told he served 16 years. He also served as Chief Justice and was the Executive First Vice President of the National Indian Court Judges Association.
            When asked in 1983, Why do you serve?, Johnson replied, “It involves the opportunity to serve in a unique  capacity, to face constantly changing challenges, the new problems and new issues which arise almost daily in municipal government give it a certain quality which other public officials can never experience.”
            Other achievements for Johnson include, being a member of the Oklahoma Conference of Mayors, a member of the Oklahoma Conference of Regional Councils, Past Secretary/Treasurer of the McIntosh County Democratic Central Committee, served on the State Higher Education Alumni of ESC, served on the development council of Connors State College, served on the Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse PAC Board, serving on the Board of Directors for Literacy Council, and served on the OK Travel Industry Association.
            Johnson has two children, Kristi an attorney in Norman. Her husband is the running back coach at OU, Cale Gundy.  Joseph Blake, Johnson’s son is the assistant debate coach at the University of Oklahoma. Blake was also the number one debater in the nation in 2007. Johnson has two grandchildren KC and Caitlin Gundy.

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